Why do YOU celebrate Darwin Day?


Here are answers from a Connecticut dinner party.


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  • 5ecular4umanist

    It is because of Charles Darwin that we understand our place within the diversity of life on Earth and our shared evolutionary experience with other animals.

    His work has inspired scientific research and ever more evidence that humans are not unique in their sense of self.

    Our deep connection to the rest of nature is unquestionable, thanks to Darwin.

  • Ron

    I could not host a party for Darwin Day this year. But last year I had 20 people in and
    we played “Spin the Beagle.” It involved a replica of the Beagle and questions concerning Darwin’s voyages. The winner took home a Darwin bobblehead!

  • http://www.facebook.com/RianBanks Rian Christian Banks

    I celebrate Darwin Day because I want to remember his scientific accomplishments. He has contributed a lot to science and it has change the way we view race, morals, religion and even time. Darwin means a lot to me because the science I am specializing in is Biology.