Event Ideas


  • Darwin Discourse
    • Invite guest speakers to discuss the importance of Darwin, evolution, and a scientific understanding of the world! These speakers can be members of the local freethought community, scientists, or members of a speakers bureau.
  • Darwin Dance-off
    • This is a two part competition: Dress as a member of the animal kingdom, and show off those dance moves. Awards can be given for best costume, worst costume, best dance moves, etc.
  • Birthday Celebration
    • Celebrate the birthday of a man who changed humanity forever with his groundbreaking work. Everyone likes birthday cake, punch, and other party goodies, and celebrations like this go a long way in fostering a sense of community.
  • Acts of Kindness
    • Just as Charles Darwin gave an enormous gift to humanity through his scientific work, modern secularists can emulate his example by helping those in need in their own community. Organizing a group charity day is a great way to help your fellow man and promote the idea that humanity can be “good without god”.
  • Discovery Day
    • What better way to honor Charles Darwin than to study natural history? Organize an outing to a Museum of Natural History or utilize some of the video resources above to promote scientific knowledge.
  • Paulo de Oliveira

    What better way to induce confusion with the appalling Discovery Institute? What an ill-judged name!