Discussion Topics


  • Is science compatible with religion?
  • Why don’t more Americans accept evolution?
  • Do intelligent design and other forms of creationism deserve to be taught as an “alternative” to evolution?
  • Has a scientific understanding of the natural world helped or hurt humanity in progressing beyond barbarity and towards civilization?
  • How do we best go about informing others of the evolutionary theory?
  • Will American society become more or less hostile to evolution in the future?
  • Should private schools be allowed to not teach evolution?
  • Does evolutionary theory invalidate the “original sin” (Adam & Eve were created by God and sinned against God by defying him and eating the apple, therefore dooming all humanity to Hell) found in the Bible, and if so, does this invalidation undermine Christianity as a whole?
  • Are we able to find meaning in life with the understanding that there was no creator of humanity?