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Thu, February 14, 2013
7:00 PM

Trinity College Dublin, Thomas Davis Theatre
Thomas Davis Theatre TCD


“Darwin and Human Evolution: what do we know today?” Dr Aoife McLysaght
… Fellow of Trinity College Dublin   Smurfit Instiute of Genetics   Trinity College Dublin

Thomas Davis Theatre

14th February 2013 @ 7 pm

Dr McLysaght has studied at Trinity College and the University of California and now has an international reputation for her studies of evolution. She was a co-author on the first paper which described the draft sequence of the human genome (2003). She received a President of Ireland Young Researcher Award and major support from Science Foundation Ireland. She was elected a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, and recently she has been awarded a prestigious research grant by the European Research Council. Dr McLysaght is well known for her interest in explaining science to the public, for example at the Science Gallery. She is the only Irish scientist to have addressed “The Electric Picnic.” She will talk us about Darwin’s ideas on human evolution and what we know today.