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Sat, February 11, 2012
1:00 PM

Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship
105 N. Parrish Lane
Carbondale, Illinois


Fun and informative inter-generational mini-festival to celebrate Charles Darwin’s 204th birthday. He is most remembered for figuring out that both plant and animal species changed over long periods of time by “natural selection.” Festival includes: arts/crafts/games for children and adults;  talk by Joyce Webb about Mary Annig,“Mother of Paleontology,”18th-century natural historian, who found the first dinosaur fossil;  Dr. Frank Anderson, zoologist, hosts “Ask Dr. Andy,” a fun science question-and answer period;  Unitarian Folk Orchestra (UFOs) and Parsley & Sagebrush Duo will make you laugh with evolutionary songs;  and the Nova video “What Darwin Didn’t Know” will be shown. Refreshments will be served.  Public invited.  Free

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    You will have an enjoyable and informative afternoon if you come.  I know I always do.  Carbondale Unitarian Universalist Fellowship really knows how to make learning fun!